yoUDe - AGA-T4 Ginne

While this RBA can be built with only one coil, we recommend two. The airflow on this beauty comes from the base then up through the center post and out 2 holes in the shaft facing the wick holes where your coils are. This unit is designed better than the previous AGA-T versions because you can tear the device down for cleaning without having to mess up your builds.

  • 3mL Glass tank 
  • 510 connector
  • Phillips head type screws - no allen wrench needed!
  • Polished Stainless Steel 304 Grade Base and Top Cap
  • Polished Brass viewing window/body
  • Two 3.5mm diameter holes for wicks 
  • Adjustable positive pin
  • Airflow comes in through the tiny holes in the bottom of the brass body
In the Box 
  • 1 x  Youde AGA T4 RBA
  • Spare parts bag: Mesh, wire, nut, screw, gasket and insulator
$ 19.99
$ 24.99