Russian RTA by Kebo (SALE)

The Russian Product Features: 

- 510 threaded

- Sandblasted stainless steel

- Underpressure DIY Atomizer
- High quality stainless steel valve from USA
- Easy to refill liquid
- Easy to get your preferred resistance
- Best Quality
- Huge Vapor
- 4.5ml capacity
- Never burn taste
- All components compatible with the Kayfun3.1

The Russian Kit Comes With: 
1 x The Russian Atomizer
1 x Clear Tank(Acrylic)
1 x 510 Drip Tip adapter
1 x Needle bottle
1 x Screwdriver
1 x 1m Wick
1 x 1m heating wire
2 x Spear part air flow screw
2 x Spear part wick holding screw
6 x Spear O-Rings
1 x Gift Box

Russian tips and tricks:

1 ) If it isn't working properly, you are doing it wrong!! 

2 ) Do not force E-Liquid too quickly through the valve. Apply medium pressure and take your time. If you pour your juice in too fast it will flood and gurgle.

Note: VG based liquids will take longer to fill up being thicker than PG based. Watch some video tutorials to see exactly how to fill up your Russian. 

3 ) To unflood your tank, do NOT blow through the mouthpiece. Instead, turn the Russian UPISDE-DOWN and blow through the air hole. This will push any liquid out of the mouthpiece. Give it a quick wipe down and you are good to go. If you blow through the mouthpiece you will lose ALL of your juice very quickly! 

4 ) Wrapping your coil too tight will result in dry hits and poor flavor. Wrapping your coil too loose will also cause dry hits. You want the coil to be touching the wick but not strangling it. Remember when you add your juice the wick will expand. You want the wick to be just touching the liquid channels; too much wick = less air and less vapor. 

5 ) When you have made a new coil, do a quick dry burn and see how the coil glows. You want it to glow consistently around the coil, if it doesn't, just adjust the coils a little bit so they are equally spaced and try again.

Note: you won't be able to see any glowing if you have added E-Liquid, so make sure you test the glowing before you screw everything together and filled up. 

6 ) For best results, the coil should only be 1-2mm from the air hole below it. If it's too far away you won't get great flavor or much vapor. 

7 ) PG based liquids are thinner than VG based liquids. Because a PG based liquid is thinner, you don't need a tight draw to absorb liquid onto the wick. If the draw is too tight you will constantly flood the tank or cause leaking through the air hole. So, PG liquids: loose draw. VG liquids: tight draw. You need a tighter draw for thicker liquids to encourage the liquid onto the wick. If you follow this advice your Russian will never leak. 50/50 mix in the Russian seems to work the best. 

8 ) Fire, vape, release. We have found that firing your device a second or two before you inhale is vital for good vapor production. This also negates "primer puffs" to get it going, they really aren't necessary. 

9 ) Use the Ohm's Law Calculator to find out exactly what voltage to use for your coil's resistance. I am normally vaping between 4.0 and 4.5 volts. A Russian works best between 6 and 8 watts. Over time, the coil's resistance will increase slightly. So before you think about recoiling, try increasing the voltage. Coils last me up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer. 

10 ) You will find you get a bigger hit of nicotine using a Russian. I don't know why or how, but they are extremely effective at delivering nicotine. So I would advise reducing your nicotine strength or even cutting it in half. You will still get the same "hit" but it won't be too much.

11 ) Be proud of the fact you have conquered the Russian! 

$ 45.00
$ 89.99