REMentry - Green RDA (Authentic) SALE

The REMentry RDA rebuildable atomizer by REM Creations features a squared three post design, a competition cap with airflow control options and vibrant color options.

The REMentry RDA is the newest rebuildable by REM Creations, the makers of the REMatty. The REMentry RDA is constructed of a combination of stainless steel and delrin. The deck features a three post design with each post featuring a squared design. The negative posts are milled to the deck and the positive post is reinforced with a squared PEEK insulator. The juice well is a whopping 5mm deep. The deck sits fitted into a colored delrin sink to help keep the atomizer cool. The barrel is a long 20mm barrel with two 5mm by 2mm airflow slots. The REMentry RDA also features a matching delrin 11mm wide bore competition cap with airflow control tabs to adjust airflow control. The REMentry RDA rebuildable atomizer by REM Creations, affordable quality.

Product Features:
  • Three post design with squared shaped posts
  • 22mm in diameter
  • Matching competition cap with airflow tabs
  • PEEK insulators
  • Copper 510 pin
  • Four beautiful and vibrant finishes

***Please be sure to clean your atomizer before use***
$ 20.00
$ 34.99