KSS Copper by Kryptonite (SALE)

Copper mods have been popular this year for many of us this year.  That is with good reason though as copper is a great conduit for the flow of electricity.  More electricity means more power to the atomizer and coils thus offering more vapor production.  That extra bit of power can be felt in the KSS Mod and let me tell you, this mod can rip!

  • Made in America
  • Manufactured for Kryptonite Tanks
  • KSS = Keep it Simple Stupid
  • Full copper mod
  • CNC’d solid copper
  • Direct battery-to-atomizer connection
  • Recessed button
  • Reversed threaded lock ring
  • Button with rare-earth magnets
  • Non-heating button
  • Close to no voltage drop
  • Serial number in the interior of the top cap

There are a couple of things to point out that some people will really enjoy about this mod.  For starters, the KSS is a simple, sleek, flush mod.  Being that each tube that comes with the mod is a solid piece; 18350, 18500, and 18650, the mod has a very “clean” look and feel to it.  Also, it come with their “hybrid adapter” (in this case it is how the mod is made) instead of having a top cap for the mod.  This hybrid setup allows for a direct connection from your battery to your atomizer ensuring maximum battery output each and every hit.

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