Givo Mod (SALE)

The Infinite Givo (clone) is a 22mm Mechanical MOD that features a lightweight, stainless steel telescopic body with a unique 4-Axis CNC milled Hawaiian inspired engraving. It has a fixed bottom spring-switch, brass locking ring, silver-plated contacts and a floating 510 center pin. The Infinite Givo MOD is one of the smallest telescopic MODs around but it will still allow you to use IMR 18350, 18490, 18500, or 18650 Li-Ion Batteries all in one device! The top cap has a floating brass 510 center pin which allows just about any 510 threaded Atomizer to fit on the Givo. The Infinite Givo has a switch spring bottom switch design, which includes an engraved logo and serial, that has a locking ring to help prevent accidental use.
$ 13.00
$ 29.99