Freight Train - Pipe

DNA 12 powered variable wattage pipes that run on a single AW IMR 18490 battery. A small thumbwheel wattage dial is inside the bowl/battery compartment marked with colors that correlate to different wattages. The fire switch is a small tactile button on the side of the bowl... trigger finger activated for a righty, and thumb activated for lefties.
The pipes have removable shanks that act as a sleeve to cover your tank to preserve the aesthetics of a pipe. The pipes can use lots of different tanks. Pretty much anything with a 510 connector and less than 7/8 inch in diameter will fit well on the pipes. The pipe comes with a vulcanite pipe stem modified to fit as a 510 drip tip. The pipes are finished with a carnauba wax and polished to a glossy shine over time the finish will become a satin sheen. The shanks attach to the bowl with an o-ring fit, and the battery is totally removable.
$ 150.00
$ 249.99