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Jul 06 2014

New Direction for RVA Vapes eShop

So some of you may have noticed that we are constantly updating our shop and have added some high end Authentic mods and RDA's. We want to provide our favorite people YOU GUYS to the best of our ability, with some of the coolest, newest, and most diverse collection of Vape gear on the east coast. Our BFFs at RVApors Hand Crafted American E-Liquids went up to VCCNE 2014 in Springfield, Mass last weekend and meet sooo many awesome people! We also made some great connections with vape store owners and wholesalers alike so that you can expect to soon start to see RVApors juice in a store near you! Make sure you check out their Facebook to stay up to date on the newest locations to carry it near you. www.facebook.com/rvapor  and if your local shop doesn't carry it, please ask for it, that's the only way we can help spread up all over the world. They have a new label and logo for the nation wide launch, as well as a new Green Label line. These are MAX VG premium E-Liquids with ALL natural and/or organic flavors. This allows you to run it as hot of a temperature and as low of a resistance as you want with out loosing ANY of the awesome flavor we have crafted for you. We have found that this is pretty much limited to folks using RDA's since it's sooo thick it will burn up your atomizer coils in virtually any tank on the market. But it's all the same great flavor you love, with a smooth Throat Hit and MASSIVE cloud production. 

Now that that's out of the way you may have noticed pro-sales now on our we site... we put these up when we place the orders for the products, and as in the case of the 2001 Ameravape Manhattan, the change the final delivery dates on us ALL THE TIME, so if you take part in our pre order, just know that's the best information we have at that time, but it is subject to change (and usually does) but if you pay for a pre order your locked in for the item whenever they do finish making it and send it to us. But we are always try'n 2 get our hands on the newest and hottest products avail on the vape market and have a great selection of mech stuff, but in the next few weeks will be getting a bunch of new regulated mods in as well. We are Authorized Dealers for a number of these high end companies AmeraVape, ProVari, Vape Sirs, and recently added SureFire and Tactical Mods! We are still working on more, but that's the list as it currently stands.

We also are working on some stuff in house that will hopefully be moving to the prototype phase very soon and we'll keep you posted on that as well. So just keep checking back with us, we have a bunch of new stuff coming soon and in the works, so just remember that our goal is to be the People Choice for vapes in Richmond and Wither your in Iraq, France or Hawaii, we do our best to get your stuff out to you as fast as we can and at the best price you'll find in the Richmond area. We realize we can't compete with fastech, which is why our Brick and Mortar shop is our primary focus, but we have made friends with vapers all over the Globe and want you all to know we off the same service to you as anyone that walks in our store.

so as always... Keep Calm & Vape On!!!

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