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May 05 2014

FDA update

Greeting Vaper's

So by now everyone has herd of the proposed FDA regulations, and there is a lot of information circulating on the web. We want to help you make sure you can get the best and most accurate information possible. CASAA.org  is and independent third party consumer watch dog organization we support. They are one of the best resources on the web that provide factual information about vaping and eCigs. We are hosting a vape meet May 18h at RVA Vapes to discuss all the proposed FDA regulations. At which the regional rep for CASAA will be in attendance to answer and question. 


Next on the agenda is that RVA Vapes and RVApors are now one in the same (online anyway) and we have decided to combine the stores. So all your RVApors eLiquid purchase will now be made via the RVA Vapes eShop. This was done for you guys to give you a one stop shop for all your vape needs. 


Lastly we are announcing the RVApors GREEN LABEL max VG line of eLiquids. These liquids will be made of all natural and organic flavorings. They will also me sold ONLY in 30mL bottles to keep the cost at a reasonable level for you guys. We are offering the same nicotine levels as the regular line, with the exception of 0% but are working on possibly adding a .3% instead.

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