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Jan 07 2014

Welcome Vaper's

Greetings from RVApors (R-V-Apors) happy new year to you all.

This is the first post on my new e-comerce website and we'd like to let you guys know what's going on in our company. I want to start off by saying 2013 was a great year, we finally founded the company back in Sept. taking it from DIY status to a full fledged business. We attend Vaper Con 3 in our Home town of Richmond, VA and got to meet and talk to A LOT of awesome people. Talked and traded samples and freebies with Vape enthusiast from all over. We were SHOCKED at the turn out.

Now on to the future... 2014! we have many things planed for this year, but let me start off by saying.. We have partnered up with some locals at RVA Vapes to Exclusively sell RVApors eLiquids. They are located in Richmond, at 6100-C1 W. Broad St. This is already becoming a wonderful partnership, due to the wonderful regulars of the Best vape lounge in VA. This has given us the ability to talk directly with the customers about the "juice" and get a ton of great feedback and note. This is were we have been listen to hear what the people want and what you think about what we have been working on.

Next we got hooked up with Kulture, a staple of the Richmond community for over a decade. They now carry selected RVApors eLiquids at ALL four locations. Shocko Bottom, Chesterfield, West End, & Charlottesville. We have created a great relationship with them to allow them to pass there customers opinions and comments back to us as well. Much Love to Kulture Crew!

Now back to our work, we have been working hard to continue building our Menu as well as listen to you guys about flavors you want. We have consistently putting out 3-5 new flavors a week, most of which debut at RVA Vapes or Kulture. We have been throwing tasting parties monthly to feature our newest flavors and give our Facebook friends first access to them as well as receive free gifts from RVApors. 

Last but certainly not least We are going to be feature in VAPE News magazine with a few Juice Reviews, so grab a copy from your local news stand. Also we are working with ZampleBox, which is a juice mailing subscription, that sends different manufactures and flavors to your mail box monthly... so if you like trying stuff that you can't find locally, check them out!

The Seasonal flavors are still available in limited supply.. So if you like the Thanksgiving and/or Holiday Flavors... get them while they last. Some are available at RVA Vapes for a discounted price!


So as always Keep Calm and Vape On!!!



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